Snow Day

A few days ago I had the pleasure of running a snowblower for the first time.  To my great relief it went well, and I managed to clear most of the snow in our parking lot and sidewalk in about four hours.  Like many of my chores around the house, it ended up being almost meditative as my hands shook and the sound of the snowblower drowned out almost everything else.  I had the pleasure of waving 'Hi' to a few of our neighbors, and the satisfaction of finishing the job was great.  I rewarded myself with a hot cup of coffee sitting in the Gage looking out at my handiwork.

Because I recently left college, I'm still adjusting to life in the "outside" world including the joys and pitfalls of home guardianship.  Every new skill I learn not only helps me, but it helps this amazing house, and I'm looking forward to learning many more housekeeping skills the more time I'm here.

Hannah Thompson



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