Life in a Small Town

I grew up in Huntingdon, and I graduated from HAHS before metriculating to Dickinson College in Carlisle for a little over three years.  When the opportunity to be the Innkeeper came up, I was very excited by the prospect although I did not necessarily want to move back to Huntingdon.  It's been a few weeks since I've been back, and I can now say that most of my reservations were unwaranted. 

So far in my time back, I've spent time at both Boxer's and Mimi's.  I've had some great times with my parents, and grandparents, and I've even started attending my local church again.  Huntingdon seems to have even more to offer me than I remembered. While the nightlife isn't what I've become accustomed to in Carlilse, I still find it easy to have a good time, and I appreciate the small-town friendliness and charm that people seem to exude.  I have to say, I'm happy to be back.



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